Friday, March 30, 2012

යාළුවො ලියපු ඒවා (2) (A TRAUMA)

මේක ලියපු කෙනාගෙ නම හෙලි කරන්න කැමති නෑ. ඒ කෙනා අකමැති වෙයි. ඉංග්‍රීසි පීරියඩ් එකකදි තමයි ඔහු අතින් මේක ලියවුනේ. ඒ ලියපු කොලේ මගේ ගාව. ඒ දේ නැතිවෙන්න කලින් මේ විදිහට ලියන්න කල්පනා කරා. මේ දේ කියවද්දි මොකක්ද දැනෙන්නෙ?

A boy happens to see a girl one day...
Not just with the eyes, but also with the mind...
Then he pretends to win her soul...
But don't know why.. So really high..

It's Ironic why he doesn't smile or speak with her..
As well as why he doesn't even look at her at times..
The reason behind this abnormal piece of love is..
He thinks that it would harm her chastity if he does so..

Words cannot express a genuine love..
A smile cannot express a genuine love..
But for sure, a pen wold bear testimony for the mind..
Just like what I'm doing now..

Really, no one knows how much he controls himself for the sake of her..
The emotions, likes and desires he just control are himalayan..
For sure, if there's someone controlling this world..
proved to be round..
That lord may offer her to him, just because of his sorrows..

Knowing the fact that she and the gang hates him..
Knowing the fact that it won't be a success..
Yet believing the truth and his genuine love..
May ultimately result in a strong time for far ahead years..

Everyone knows there's a limit for everything..
A limit for his emotions, thoughts as well as desires..
But following up the flight of no return,
Yet he might say that there isn't a limit for his genuine love..

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